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Big Bang Drums is an online resource for drummers to check out practicing techniques, exercises, music, solos, and offers an array of products for musicians of any level.



Wielding the Sticks

WS 1: Fundimentals
From the start, develop the right techniques to wield the sticks, utilize control, and use sticking patterns. This first package includes 7 lessons and a great start to developing a foundation for becoming a great drummer and musician.

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WS 2: Basic Rhythms
Learn all the basics covered in the rest of the lessons on this site. Sight reading quarter notes, eighth notes, 16th notes, and triplets and the timing that allows a player to use these notes together.

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WS 3: Rudiments
This section teaches you how to use different manipulation techniques to add a third dimension to the rhythms that you learned in the previous section.

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WS 4: Intermediate Rhythms
Go beyond basic rhythms with this section featuring more tools to expand your rhythmic vocabulary.

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WS 5: Advanced Rhythms
Dotted notes, broken 16th note patterns and exercises for double and triple stoke exercises offer even more rhythms and techniques for playing them.

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WS 6 :Timing and Exercises
Combining everything that we have learned so far, this section is full of exercises, timing patterns and tools that will allow drummers to play nearly anything. Includes 18 Lessons.

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(Complete Package)

WS 7 : Wielding the Sticks

This is the complete set of lessons for single surface playing including everything seen on this page. Over 70 pages of usefull rhythms and exercises to help a drummer realize playing goals and master the art of wielding the sticks.


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Lesson plans are available in a printable PDF format to lead a student through the basics of sight reading, sticking patterns, rudiments, and advanced rhythms, helping to develop the tools to play anything on any surface.  From the practice pad, to snare and even applications to the drum set, this page offers everything a drummer should know about wielding the sticks.