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Big Bang Drums is an online resource for drummers to check out practicing techniques, exercises, music, solos, and offers an array of products for musicians of any level.


Snare Solos

SS 1: Beginner Snare Solo Package
5 Snare Drum Solos written by Aaron Bland in musical notation using basic rhythms and rudiments. This is great for a student learning to read and use basic techniques to play fun pieces of music.

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SS 2: Basic Snare Solo Package
5 Snare Drum Solos written by Aaron Bland in musical notation using intermediate rhythms and rudiments. Unique rhythms will give drummers a mild challenge as we move toward solos with more advanced difficulty.

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SS 3: Intermediate Snare Solo Package
Intermediate snare solos offer a wealth of fun patterns and musical phrasing to challenge and inspire even an experienced drummer.

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SS 4: Advanced Snare Solo Package
This is the most challenging of the snare solo packages. All of the notation and techniques used in these solos have been explained in detail in the "Weilding the Sticks" series.

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SS 5: Duet Package
Now you can use the techniques and rhythms that you have learned so far to play with a friend or group with some of these unique duets.

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(Complete Package)

SS 6: Sweet Deal Snare Package

Sweet Deal! This is all of the snare drum solos and duets on this page. Best"Bang" for the buck!


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This is a written collection of solos to be played on a single surface such as a snare, practice pad, or countertop.  They all utilize elements that we have gone over in the “Wielding the Sticks” section.  Put your skills together and test yourself while playing some really cool patterns and rudiments.