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Big Bang Drums is an online resource for drummers to check out practicing techniques, exercises, music, solos, and offers an array of products for musicians of any level.


Wielding the Sticks

Lesson plans are available in a printable PDF format to lead a student through the basics of sight reading, sticking patterns, rudiments, and advanced rhythms, helping to develop the tools to play anything on a single surface.  From the practice pad, to snare and even applications to the drum set, this page offers everything a drummer should know about wielding the sticks.

Snare Solos

This is a written collection of solos to be played on a single surface such as a snare, practice pad, or countertop.  They all utilize elements that we have gone over in the “Wielding the Sticks” section.  Put your skills together and test yourself while playing some really cool patterns and rudiments.

Drum Set

I teach drum set coordination and pattern composition on the drum set daily from basic applications to advanced playing and poly-rhythms.

There is literally no limit to what you can play on this instrument using techniques and rudiments. From the single surface lessons.


Percussion page will include tips on how to play percussion instruments and feature videos on different sessions as the page develops.

Lessons and Tutorials